#OmegaT target statistics

This post is about a quick and dirty hack that allows to get target statistics for OmegaT current project. Well, actually, there’s not much of a hack other than downloading and running a script, but the script itself is just a first take on the idea. It dumps out the statistics into the Scripting window console, and copies it to the clipboard so it can be easily pasted into a spreadsheet application. Like this:


The script doesn’t discriminate between unique and non-unique segments, and doesn’t include tags in the statistics.

It can be downloaded here:


DISCLAIMER: Please, use with caution, as it hasn’t been tested very thoroughly. In my few quick tests it calculated very accurately,  but if you cheat or get cheated because of the script, it’s not my fault.

UPDATE: Thanks to Briac Pilpre, the script now shows MS Word-compatible word count for source and target files.


But as of now,

Good Luck

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