Merge and split segments in OmegaT (update)

OmegaT script for merging and splitting segments has gotten a few improvements:

  • It can show the text to be split or merged with or without tags
  • If tags are to be shown, they can be formatted with a different font color and size to make the actual text more readable
  • If a split is attempted while text cursor is inside a tag, the script won’t add a rule and will inform the user about it
  • The preview of the split or merge to be performed now has horizontal borders to make it easier to see the possible result

So, these are the options that can be configured by the user:

enforceProjectSRX   = true   //if true, the script will make sure project-specific segmentation is enabled
separateMappingRule = true   //if true, the script will add a separate group for its rules
showTags            = true   //if false, tags won't be shown in the confirmation message
paintTags           = true   //if true, tags will be shown in different font size and color
tagColor            = "gray" //tag color
tagSize             = 1      //tag size

Comments in those lines should make it pretty clear what option does what. To change an option, go to Tools → Scripting…, then in the list of scripts, select Merge or split segments. In the text area on the right part of the screen, scroll down a bit (to about line 30), find the option you want to change, edit it, press Ctrl+S to save, and run the script.

The script is available on GitHub and

If you need more info about installing and using OmegaT scripts, see this quick guide.

If you find this script useful, leave a comment.

There’s also a very easy way to say thank you.
Your support will make more scripts like this possible.

Happy merging and splitting!

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