Simple QA with OmegaT GUI scripts

Here I want to share several groovy scripts that bring up a window showing a clickable segment # button to skip to the respective segment, and source and target segments that meet certain criteria. I’m not a scripting master, so I share them in hope that they can be helpful to some and improved by many (reverse the pronouns if needed).
Here’s but one screenshot to give you an idea what this is all about.
Window showing a simple QA check

Following is a list of scripts with links (click on titles) to download them, and short descriptions of what each one does.

Update: Please, download scripts from the dedicated project page where they are maintained. Scripts at the links below might be obsolete (though most likely still working).

  • Check QA rules script
  • This one is a simple QA check. Originally it was included in OmegaT scripts bundle, but I expanded it to show a window with clickable buttons. Currently checks for leading and trailing spaces, double words, and unproportionally longer or shorter target segments. If anyone knows how to add more rules to check, please share.
    Update: No need to download this script from here, it’s now included in the OmegaT bundle.

  • Show Source = Target
  • This one was originally included in the bundle as well, and I just added the GUI part. It brings up a window that lets you navigate through segments where target is the same as source.

  • Show Untranslated
  • This script brings up a window with all the untranslated segments, so you get only segment # buttons and source segments. Beside that, in the scripting console (lower part of the right side of the Scripting window) you get the count of all and unique untranslated segments. I don’t see a big practical value of this script, but a friend of mine and a fellow OmegaT user felt really blessed to get it. This one originally isn’t mine either, I used Yu Tang’s idea that he shared on OmegaT Yahoo! Group.

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