Clickable links in OmegaT# notes and comments

Here’s a GitHub project for an OmegaT plugin that converts URL’s in notes and comments into clickable items that open the URL’s in the default browser. Pretty neat, especially when you’re working in a team project and need to insert references for the editor or another translator.

Clickable links example

In order to install the plugin one needs to create a folder named LinkBuilder (or whatever sounds good and preferably makes sense) inside plugins subfolder either in the OmegaT installation folder, or in OmegaT settings folder, download the latest release, and unzip it into the newly created LinkBuilder folder. The plugin will be activated upon OmegaT restart (or in a new OmegaT instance).

I don’t know who the author of the plugin is (other than his username at GitHub is hiohiohio), but kudos anyway!!!

9 thoughts on “Clickable links in OmegaT# notes and comments

  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your post.
    I had the plug-in running seamlessly under OmegaT 3.1.7.
    However, it makes URLs clickable for notes, not for comments — and on Github, it is stated that it is for ‘Notes’ and ‘Glossaries’ (no mention of ‘Comments’).
    Have you been able to have it running for comments?

  2. Hi
    I followed the steps in your blog, but I can’t put it into use, dont know how to use it. Can you give a hint on how to use it after installation?
    thank you.

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