Live OmegaT Statistics and Wages Calculator (Linux)

This post is to announce Dimitry Prihodko’s nice little program that shows live OmegaT statistics and calculates wages based on it. All of that can be done in a spreadsheet, of course, but Dimitry’s solution is faster both in that it doesn’t require any additional preparation of a spreadsheet and copying data from OmegaT’s project_stats.txt, and in the way in constantly updates data without any intervention on a user’s part.
OTStats window showing a project statistics
The program can be launched by itself, and then the user has to select the project that he/she wants to see statistics on, or from OmegaT via a script, in which case the current projects gets selected automatically. The program saves pay settings on a per-projects basis, and in addition to regular statistics and pay statistics it shows % of finished/remaining work for the whole project and for each file. It also has a timer function which lets you see how much you’re getting done over a period of time.
The program is hosted here. The script that launches it from OmegaT is found there too, as well as a short help in PDF format, and detailed instructions on the project’s Wiki. There’s also a Windows version, but I don’t know how well it works, if at all (it works under WINE, though).

Questions, comments, bug reports and feature requests are welcome (most preferably on the project’s tracker). I’m finding it very helpful, hopefully you would too.
But as of now,

Good luck

4 thoughts on “Live OmegaT Statistics and Wages Calculator (Linux)

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  4. Seems to be a useful thing, but doesn’t open in Ubuntu 14.0
    error 13: access denied
    in file properties ticked as “allow to run as a program” – script is opening… and no further reaction, no window to appear
    The script was intended to be used for inserting API Yandex key, as other methods didn’t work

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