#OmegaT Merge/Split script updated

These days I often get jobs in IDML format. Luckily such files can be translated in OmegaT either with the Okapi filters plugin, or, if the files are not so plain and simple, by creating an OmegaT project in Okapi Rainbow. But it’s somewhat beyond the point. The point is that with these files the wonderful script to merge and split segments wasn’t working, at least for merging.
As you’ve rightly guessed, this tiny post is to inform you that it has been fixed, and the updated script could be downloaded from the SF.net repository.

December 2022 update: The updated merge and split script is described here.

To learn how to install and use OmegaT scripts, see this quick guide.

Happy merging and splitting, fellow OmegaTers!

2 thoughts on “#OmegaT Merge/Split script updated

  1. Good news Mr. Kos! Since you named merging and splitting, is there another way to merge segments or alter the exact point where segment splitting occur besides the normal Project > Properties > Options:Segmentation… ? Until now I did not learn those esteemed regular expressions and I’m short of SRX file for Arabic !

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