Bash (Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk and what not) Scripting from within OmegaT


So, right now you’re using quite a few scripts while working in OmegaT. Some of them are the ones included in the Scripting Plugin, others are taken from the Internet, several of them were written on your own, and a couple are still cooking in your head, promising to be something that will save you a couple hours of work everyday in future and now hindering you from concentrating on what is at hand. To run them from with a key shortcut you had to assign global key combinations, as from withing OmegaT you can run only 5 custom scripts with a key combo, and those are not just any scripts but the ones that the Scripting Plugin can run.


Now, with many other scripts and actions used elsewhere for your work/leisure you’re running out of available key combinations, plus you get more and more questions like, “Dad, what you just did doesn’t work on my computer. Do I press it wrong or what’s the matter?” from your elementary-school-aged son.
What you want is an ability to run any script from within OmegaT, not just the ones that the Scripting Plugin can run, as you don’t want to be limited to Java-like languages, but you look for a way to use anything that you’re comfortable with. Besides, these custom scripts should be aware of your current OmegaT project’s variables and settings (like project folders, language pairs etc.) Then at least you’ll be able to say to your son, “Boy, you don’t use OmegaT yet. Let me better show you this combo that you can use on your computer.”
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