Export TMX for new translations

Here’s a script that lets you export translation units that are newer than a specified date. It might be useful if you get a project with a legacy TMX containing some perfect matches (that memory should be put into /tm/auto), and you want to be able to run QA tests only on new TU’s that have been translated since you’ve started to work on the project, or you want to keep your own translations for later and don’t really care for what has been translated before.

If the script is invoked without changing or specifying anything, it looks for TU’s that are one day old and works globally on the whole project. If you need to filter TU’s older or newer than that, you’ll have to specify the date on line 21.
The date should be in “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm” (4_digit_year-2_digit_month-2_digit_day space 2_digit_hour_in_military_notation:2_digit_minute) format. If not specified properly, it will fall back to the default one-day-old value.
Beside that, the user can specify whether the script should work globally on the entire project, or only on selected files. To enable file selection, the line 27 should read:
select_files = 'yes'
Anything other than ‘yes’ means the script will work globally. Continue reading