Substitute Template For Each Project

Update: Please, download scripts from the dedicated project page where they are maintained. Scripts at the links below might be obsolete (though most likely still working).

Here I have a script that reads a tab-separated file (any number of tabs between items), each line of which contains the patterns to be found in the first position, and what it should be replaced with in the second. This file MUST be named subst_template.txt (well, it can be changed in the script, so maybe such a loud “must” isn’t really needed). The first pair should start on the first line, no empty lines between the pairs, and after the final pair there should be exactly one empty line. Below you’ll find an example of such file.
The file ought to be placed in OmegaT project’s root. That is made intentionally so that one can have a unique set of substitute patterns for each project. For example, I had an English to Ukrainian Christian project where names of the Bible books needed to be translated using one particular Ukrainian Bible version (Khomenko Bible), while for another project they needed to be taken from another version (Ohiyenko Bible). While English abbreviations remained the same, Ukrainian needed to be quite different (for instance, “Jn.” was “Йо.” in one, and “Ів.” in the other). So having a separate substitute pattern file in each projects I could use just one script to get Bible references with proper abbreviations in each of them. Continue reading